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About Company

Project Proposal

Sheppards takes classic BBQ and street food favourites from around the world and brings it to new locations around Auckland. A new concept on dining and giving kiwis the opportunity to run their own kitchen business , with all the heavy efforts already taken care of by professionals in the hospitality industry.

Project & Background

Business & Marketing

Great Company

There are alot of hidden costs and unkown areas when setting up a kitchen business. Sheppards is here to help you with that all the way through.

Best teamwork

We will assist with everything needed in the kitchen for setting up the best possible outcome to generate the most income with little effort on your side .

Goals & Objective

Executive Summary Opportunity

Best Experience

As professionals , we have learned everything from past failures so you won’t need to. Our set ups will generate you income from day one 100% garunteed.

Best Future

Be in for the ride with us to expand the future of SHEPPARDS and be granted with early access incentives along with quarterly packages .

Best Service

Owning a SHEPPARDS entitles you to great benefits and services. Our team are dedicated to helping your business become the most successful in your area .

Becoming a sheppards Includes

– Streamlined processes and workflows are built into the ghost kitchen model, saving time and effort.

– Pre-designed menus and recipes can be utilized, reducing the need for extensive menu planning.

– Operational systems, such as order management and delivery logistics, are pre-integrated, simplifying operations personally for you .

– With these advantages, you can focus on delivering exceptional SHEPPARDS food and service without getting bogged down by excessive setup or operational complexities .

– Turnkey solution: The SHEPPARDS kitchen provides a complete and ready-to-use setup, requiring minimal effort on your part.

– The SHEPPARDS kitchen offers pre-designed menus and recipes, saving you time and effort in menu planning.

– Operational support: The ghost kitchen provides operational systems and support, including order management and delivery logistics.

– Cost savings: With a ghost kitchen, you can avoid the high upfront costs of building and equipping a traditional kitchen.

– Expertise and guidance: The SHEPPARDS kitchen team has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, minimizing any potential hurdles.

By highlighting these points, we want to assure the end user that investing in a SHEPPARDS kitchen is a hassle-free and efficient way to enter the food industry.

Client Requirements

– Kitchen space: Determine the size and layout requirements for your operation.

– Equipment: Identify the necessary kitchen equipment, such as ovens, stovetops, and refrigeration.

– Utilities: Ensure access to electricity, water, and gas connections for smooth operations.

– Licensing and permits: Research the required licenses and permits for operating a food business in your area.

– Food safety: Implement proper food handling and storage practices to maintain hygiene and compliance.

– Menu planning: Develop a menu that aligns with your target audience and culinary vision using our SHEPPARDS product list to choose from.

– Staffing: Determine the number of staff members needed and their roles in the kitchen.

– Order management: Set up systems to efficiently process and manage incoming and outgoing orders.

– Delivery logistics: Planning for in-house delivery options.

– Branding and marketing: Create a strong brand identity in your area and utilise our marketing strategies to attract customers.